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Andrew Weatherall (DJ, Producer)Name: Andrew Weatherall
Music Style: Techno
Outlar-Listed Events: 22 (Rank #43)
Outlar Cross-references: Paul Oakenfold, Chemical Brothers, Two Lone Swordsmen, People Get Real, Brendan Long, David Holmes, Inbetween DJs, Radioactive Man, Astro + Prism, FC Kahuna, Paul Bleasdale, Annie Mac, Matt Holmes, Shelley Parker, Stel Alexander, Dean Thatcher, Stefan Goldmann, Vandal, Steffi

Andrew Weatherall Intro:
Andrew Weatherall has carved out a well-respected career in British techno. As a producer moving from the sounds of Madchester to downbeat to experimental techno through the '90s, Weatherall could've easily ridden the big beat (Chemical Brothers) or high-profile-DJ (Paul Oakenfold) waves at the end of the decade, choosing instead to pursue -- and in many ways define -- a more cutting-edge, IDM approach. He participated in two big-name collaborations which would appear on Warp Records, beginning early on in the label's now highly respected run and remains one of the world's most dedicated and top DJs. Weatherall founded a fanzine called Boys Own in the late '80s and soon established himself as a leading DJ in London's acid house scene. That association led to Weatherall remixing New Order's "Worlds in Motion" and, along with Paul Oakenfold, the Happy Mondays' "Hallelujah." Primal Scream, which at the time was a middling band on Creation's roster, sought out Weatherall for what would become the Top 20 single "Loaded" and production on the groundbreaking Screamadelica. The overwhelming success of Screamadelica led to Weatherall's place as one of the U.K.'s top remixers and producers. After a stint DJing on London's influential KISS-FM, he ran two clubs in London, and in 1993 worked fairly extensively with techno-pop act One Dove. That same year, Weatherall formed the Sabres of Paradise with Jagz Koomer and Gary Burns, who released a series of pioneering, ambient experimental techno singles and EPs on Weatherall's Sabrettes label (also collected on two Warp Records compilations). He went on to produce and remix several tracks by Beth Orton and, in 1996, form the Two Lone Swordsmen with Keith Tenniswood and the Emissions Audio Output label. After working again with Primal Scream to produce the track "Trainspotting" for the movie of the same name, in 1999 Weatherall mixed the third volume of the Heavenly Presents: Live at the Social series. The disc showcased, as had become the norm, his finger-on-the-pulse awareness of electronic music both old and new, proving that a decade of work in the semi-spotlight had in no ways dulled his senses. 2000-2001 saw two more mix records from Weatherall, as he and Tenniswood began the decade focused on DJing across the globe. Stating in a 2000 interview with NME that "dance culture now is the predominant pop culture, and sometimes pop culture annoys me," Weatherall -- as a DJ, producer, and collaborator -- continues to shape the more progressive landscape of British electronic music.

Past Andrew Weatherall Events ( 22 Listed )

Click to View Flyer Friday 14th October 2011 (3 Years Ago) - Discoteca Poca 1st Birthday @ The Shipping Forecast
Andrew Weatherall, James Rand (Chibuku), Mr Paul

To say we are ridiculously proud to have Lord Sabre come and play our glittery disco den for our 1st birthday is an understatement. More than ju... Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2010...

No Flyer Available Saturday 16th October 2010 (4 Years Ago) - Voodoo 17th Birthday @ silo
Robert Hood (M-Plant), Andrew Weatherall (Rotters Golf Club), Steve Shiels (Voodoo), Carl Dunne, Room 2 hosted by T-Funkshun: Mark Forshaw, Sam Baron, Denzil & Jo Joy Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 1st May 2010 (4 Years Ago) - Chibuku @ The Masque
Felix Da Housecat, DJ Pierre, Dj Hype, Virus Syndicate, Andrew Weatherall (5 Hour set) Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2009...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 23rd May 2009 (5 Years Ago) - Voodoo 16th Birthday @ O2 Academy
Billy Nasty, Andrew Weatherall, Steve Shiels Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2008...

No Flyer Available Saturday 1st March 2008 (6 Years Ago) - Chibuku @ The Masque
Andrew Weatherall, Justin Martin (dirtybird), Emma, Sinden, Tane & Furness, Plus Viper Recordings Showcase: Shy FX, Logistics, Futurebound & Shock One, Brookes Brothers, Sigma, Richbeats, MC S.A.S Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2006...

Click to View Flyer Friday 13th October 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Deja Voodoo: 13th Anniversary Part 2 @ Carling Academy
Andrew Weatherall, Andy Nicholson, Steve Shiels, Brendan Long Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2005...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 10th December 2005 (8 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Carling Academy
Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man - Live, Steve Shiels & Brendan Long Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 30th April 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Carling Academy
Robert Hood (M-Plant), Andrew Weatherall, Steve Shiels, Brendan Long Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2004...

Click to View Flyer Friday 1st October 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Disted Twisco @ The Masque
Two Lone Swordsmen - LIVE, Andrew Weatherall, Dave Congreve, Webb, Ben Hughes Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 7th May 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Disted Twisco @ The Masque
Andrew Weatherall, Andy Muir, Martin McReady and Webb Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 2000...

No Flyer Available Friday 30th June 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Bugged Out @ Nation
Dave Clarke, Junior Sanchez, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson, Westbam, James Holroyd, Rob Bright, Pete Tong Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 28th January 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Bugged Out @ Nation
Dave Clarke, Kevin Saunderson, Andrew Weatherall, Justin Robertson, The Micronauts, Elliot Eastwick, Lottie, Tayo, Andy Votel, James Holroyd, Rob Bright, Richard Hector-Jones Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 1996...

No Flyer Available Friday 30th August 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Full On @ Nation
The Chemical Brothers, Jeremy Healey, DJ Sneak, Rocky & Diesel, Ralph Lawson, Carl Cox, Andrew Weatherall, Jon Carter, Heavenly Jukebox, Residents: Paul Bleasedale, James Barton, Andy Carroll, Les ... Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 10th August 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Josh Wink, Judge Jules, Andrew Weatherall, Shiva, Residents: Paul Bleasedale, James Barton, Andy Carroll, Les Ryder Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 6th July 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Allister Whitehead, Judge Jules, Andrew Weatherall, Buckley, Coldcut, DJ Food, Ollie Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 29th June 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Clear
Andrew Weatherall, Huggy, Residents: Andy Nicholson, Steve Shiels Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 27th April 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Voodoo 3rd Birthday @ Le Bateau
Andrew Weatherall, Darren Emerson, Residents: Skitch, Andy Nicholson, S.Weapon, Steve Shiels, Vortex FX Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 23rd March 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Mark Moore, Andrew Weatherall, Up Yer Ronson feat. Mary Pierce - Live PA, Paul Bleasdale, James Barton, Andy Carroll Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 2nd March 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Andrew Weatherall, Dave Seaman, Maria Naylow - Live PA, Paul Bleasdale, James Barton, Andy Carroll Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 24th February 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Le Bateau
Andrew Weatherall, Residents: Skitch, Andy Nicholson, S.Weapon, Steve Shiels Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 1995...

No Flyer Available Saturday 13th May 1995 (19 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Le Bateau
Andrew Weatherall, Residents: Skitch, Andy Nicholson, Rolf & S.Weapon Read More

Andrew Weatherall in 1994...

No Flyer Available Saturday 8th October 1994 (20 Years Ago) - Voodoo @ Le Bateau
Andrew Weatherall, Matt Holmes, Mat Steel, Residents: Skitch, Andy Nicholson, CB Lovell & Rolf Read More

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