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Bent (DJName: Bent (aka Simon Mills & Nail Tolliday)
Music Style: Ambient, Dance
Website: http://www.bent-world.com/
Outlar-Listed Events: 7
Outlar Cross-references: Fatboy Slim, Aphex Twin, Stanton Warriors, James Barton, Ashley Beedle, Serge Santiago, Cut La Roc, Rob da Bank, James Wilson, Sister Bliss, The Delta Fiasco, SuperStyleDeluxe, Toby Tobias

Bent Intro:
Setting up their own label, Sport Recordings, the duo released three EPs (one as Johnny Flash And The Flames) before a highly-praised debut, "Programmed To Love". They formed Bent in Nottingham in 1997 after becoming disillusioned with the state of dance music at the time. Tolliday had previously been part of a famous Midlands-based sound system, DIY. Their ethereal, ambient, sample-heavy sound has been likened to Air, Moby and even Badly Drawn Boy. They are said to have made their early recordings with nothing more than a sampler and 2000 second-hand records that they bought for £50. Perhaps an illustration of Bent's irreverent and genre-defying approach is their use of vocal snippets sampled from Nana Mouskouri on two of their recordings, "I Love My Man" and "Always In My Heart". Like many dance music producers (notably Fatboy Slim), they take pride in recontextualising somewhat overlooked material. The duo claim influences as diverse as Rolf Harris, Geoff Love, John Lennon, the Beach Boys to more clearly dance music-orientated ones such as Kid Loco and Aphex Twin.

Past Bent Events ( 5 Listed )

No Flyer Available Saturday 26th May 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Lake of Stars DJ Marathon @ Bumper
6ix Toys - Live, Wild Evil Entertainment Department (Denmark) - Live, ASBOS - Live, DJ Stevie Law

The famous Lake of Stars DJ Marathon is back Ė over 30 of Liverpool's top indie/rock/electro/dan... Read More

Bent in 2004...

Click to View Flyer Wednesday 29th September 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Patchwork @ The Magnet
Bent, Will Jazz (Chibuku), Dash (In Stereo). In the fishtank: Howie, Motor Booty Affair Read More

Bent in 2003...

No Flyer Available Saturday 23rd August 2003 (11 Years Ago) - Creamfields 2003
Massive Attack, Paul Oakenfold, Nick Warren, UNKLE Sounds, Stanton Warriors, Gus Gus, Mint Royale, Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Dave Pearce, Mauro Picotto, Ronnie Herel, TiŽsto, Paul Van Dyk, Fergie,... Read More

Bent in 2002...

No Flyer Available Saturday 24th August 2002 (12 Years Ago) - Creamfields 2002
Faithless, Underworld, Bob Jeffries, Dirty Vegas, Mis-Teeq, Moony, 2 Many DJs, Audio Bullys, Dave Clarke, Grandmaster Flash, James Holroyd, Jon Carter, Justin Robertson, Layo & Bushwacka, Richie Ha... Read More

Bent in 1998...

No Flyer Available Friday 27th November 1998 (15 Years Ago) - Bugged Out 4th Birthday @ Nation
Daft Punk - DJ set, Thomas Bangalter - Live, Green Velvet - Live, Dave Clarke, Justin Robertson, Surgeon, Harvey, Lo-Fidelity Allstars - DJ Set, Bentley Rhythm Ace - DJ Set, Jon Carter, Midfield... Read More

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