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DJ JS-1 (DJ, Producer)Name: DJ JS-1
Music Style: Hip-Hop, Breaks
Outlar-Listed Events: 1
Outlar Cross-references: Souls of Mischief, Rahzel, Roni Size, Dead Prez

DJ JS-1 Intro:
JS-1, born and raised in Queens, NY, has been spinning since 1989. As a true hip-hop fan, JS had a record collection while he was growing up. Eventually he bought a pair of used turntables and began putting his records to use. Throughout the nineties JS has perfected his skills, by winning a few battles here and there, putting out mix-tapes, and spinning at some clubs. Being a "scratch/performance" djay, JS was waiting for the right opportunity to showcase his skill without getting involved in the politically run, biased popular djay battles.

Finally that chance came and JS got the opportunity to do some touring with MTV, for the MTV Campus Invasion Tour '99. He opened up the concert every night for SugarRay and Orgy. Around the end of the decade, DJ JS-1 teamed up with Rahzel, the legendary beatbox of The Roots. Along with Rahzel, JS has done over 275 shows world-wide in the past 2 and a half years. They performed in places from LA, to NY, to London, to Brazil, to Germany, to Canada, to Amsterdam, etc. Some of these shows, had them performing with or along side other acts such as: Rage Against The Machine, Roots, RZA, Ghostface, X-Executioners, Q-Bert, Funky Meters, Oasis, Souls of Mischief, Digital Underground, GZA, Tha Liks, Queen Latifah, Mix Master Mike, Craze, Roni Size, Ja Rule, KRS, Gil Scott Heron, Sugar Ray.

Besides being one half of the world's best beatbox/djay team, JS has made several television appearances in the past few years. In 1999, DJ Skribble, allowed JS-1 and Slynke to be part of a three-man djay showcase on "DJ Day" during MTV's high profiled "Hip Hop Week." This was the first 3 man djay routine ever shown on live national television. Next, DJ JS-1 was used for over 6 months in commercials for BET's Rap City, the biggest national all-rap video show. From this, JS was able to spin on 5 different episodes on BET, including shows with the Hot Boyz, Rass Kass, Rahzel, Killah Priest, Dead Prez.

On New Year's Eve, of 2000, Dj Skribble and MTV once again allowed JS-1 and Slynke to appear on the MTV Millenium Special Live from Times Square. JS appeared twice that night, once by himself, and once with Skribble and Slynke, live, 15 minutes before the ball dropped. This show had millions and millions of viewers world-wide!

In 2001, JS decided to set himself apart from all the other "turntablist" djays in the world by putting out his own 'sure-to-be classic' records. The first release, "ESSENTIALS", features KRS-ONE & Rahzel. The combination of the world's best beatboxer, an incredible dj, and arguably the world's greatest emcee, makes this record an instant classic. The next release, was "TAKE A LOSS", featuring KOOL G RAP. Again, this is another record with one of the greatest emcees of all time.

DJ JS-1 has an entire album coming out 2002 which features: KRS, Rahzel, KOOL G RAP, BIG DADDY KANE, ROYCE DA 5'9", OC, MASTER ACE, CASUAL, EVIDENCE of DILATED, DICE RAW of ROOTS, PRINCE POETRY of ORGANIZED KONFUSION, PLANET ASIA, TRAGEDY KHADAFI, BREEZ EVAHFLOWIN, TONEDEFF, PACKFM, RISE, SUBSTANTIAL, TREZ, PROFESSOR X, ILL BILL (NON PHIXION), AKROBATIK, & More. This album is sure to set JS apart from the rest of djays with "colorful" names and no true talent… No other turntablist to date has ever independently put together an album with bigger names in the world of true hip-hop. This album will also showcase JS' talent as a producer as well as dj. This will also help set him apart from the other djays that overcrowd the market with boring "scratch" albums.

Along with this album JS has a variety of other records due out this year. You can check for some of JS' earlier works on the RETURN of the DJ series, VOL 2, 3, and 4.

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