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Scott Bond (DJ)Name: Scott Bond
Music Style: Trance
Website: http://www.scottbond.com
Outlar-Listed Events: 18
Outlar Cross-references: Steve Lawler, Chris Pollock, Agnelli & Nelson

Scott Bond Intro:
By 31 years old, Scott Bond was notoriously one of the most successful young dj's, co-promoters and producers in the UK and as the above shows, Scott is no stranger to success. He is currently resident DJ at top dance club 'Gatecrasher' in Sheffield, the club he has co-promoted with his partner Simon Raine since 1994. Scott regularly guest's across the country at popular club nights such as 'Slinky' Bournemouth, 'The Tunnel' Glasgow and 'The Cross' in London. Since 1987, Scott has spread his wings as far a field as U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Japan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Ibiza, Italy, Turkey, Denmark, Finland and the legendary trance club 'Dorien Grey' in Frankfurt, Germany.

Past Scott Bond Events ( 18 Listed )

No Flyer Available Saturday 25th March 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Slide @ Garlands
Scott Bond, Alex Morph, Matt Healey b2b Matt Dyson, Mike Brown

Garlands In The Vegas Room: Andrea T Mendoza - Live PA (Singing the Garlands classic "Can't Fake It" & "Rise Up"), DJ Anton Powe... Read More

Scott Bond in 2005...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 9th July 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Slide @ Garlands
Scott Bond (Pioneers Of Trance Exclusive Set), Matt Healey, Caddy, Matt Dyson B2B Mike Barnes Read More

Scott Bond in 2004...

Click to View Flyer Sunday 26th December ( Boxing Day ) 2004 (9 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Nick Warren, CJ Mackintosh, Armin Van Buuren, Scott Bond, Eddie Halliwell, K-Klass, James Barton, Matt Hardwick, Remy and Simon Patterson, Andy Mac, Gareth Wyn

Annexe hosted by Aztec: Steve Lawl... Read More
Click to View Flyer Friday 2nd July 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Slide @ The Masque
Scott Bond, Steven Coulthard, Matt Dyson, Chris Pollock Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 15th May 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Garlands
Scott Bond, Jay Brown, Matt Healey, Dave & Huey, Nick Dixon, Lady Sian, Si Jackson Read More

Scott Bond in 2002...

No Flyer Available Saturday 24th August 2002 (12 Years Ago) - Creamfields 2002
Faithless, Underworld, Bob Jeffries, Dirty Vegas, Mis-Teeq, Moony, 2 Many DJs, Audio Bullys, Dave Clarke, Grandmaster Flash, James Holroyd, Jon Carter, Justin Robertson, Layo & Bushwacka, Richie Ha... Read More

Scott Bond in 2001...

No Flyer Available Saturday 25th August 2001 (13 Years Ago) - Creamfields 2001
Paul Oakenfold, Seb Fontaine, Pete Tong, John Digweed, Timo Maas, TiŽsto, Oliver Lieb, Hernan Cattaneo, Christopher Lawrence, Armin Van Buuren, Paul Bleasdale, Sonique (DJ set), Scott Bond, John Ke... Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 7th July 2001 (13 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Judge Jules, Yousef, Scott Bond, Onionz & Joeski, Commie, Percussion: Mav Read More

Scott Bond in 2000...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 23rd December 2000 (13 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Tall Paul, Scott Bond, John Kelly, Guy Ornadel, Ralph Lawson, Paul Woolford, Yousef, Percussion by Mav Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 30th September 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Sonique, Scott Bond, Lisa Loud, Dave Piccioni (4hr set), Paul Bleasdale, Yousef Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 16th September 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Scott Bond, John Kelly, Guy Ornadel, Futureshock (4hrs), Seb Fontaine, Yousef (6hr set) Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 22nd July 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Judge Jules, Scott Bond, Dean Wilson, Paul Bleasdale (3 Hour), Yousef (3 Hour), Percussion by Mav Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 1st April 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Scott Bond, Ferry Corsten, Sonique, Paul Bleasdale, Yousef (6 Hour Set), Percussion by Mav Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 26th February 2000 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Paul Bleasdale, Yousef (6hr), Scott Bond, Sonique, John Kelly Read More

Scott Bond in 1999...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 27th November 1999 (14 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Alex P, Scott Bond, Mick Park & Wilson, Paul Bleasdale, Dean Wilson Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 2nd October 1999 (15 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Seb Fontaine, Scott Bond, Mark Lewis, Paul Bleasdale (4 Hour Set), Dean Wilson Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 4th September 1999 (15 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Judge Jules, Seb Fontaine, Satoshi Tomiie (6 Hour Set), Scott Bond, Paul Bleasdale, Dean Wilson, Percussion by Mav Read More

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