Mark Forshaw

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Music Style: House, Techno

• Mathematics • Tabernacle • Computer Controlled • Unknown to the Unknown • Berceuse Heroique • Boss Tracks • I Love Acid • Contort Yourself • Midnight Shift • Apartment • Clan Destine • III Rivers • Scenery • Dixon Avenue Basement Jams • Lopasura • Council House • Turning Point •
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Casio Royale - Beat Will Control EP (Unknown to the Unknown Dance Trax)
Neville Watson - Trip City (Mark Forshaw Remix) (I Love Acid)
Mark Forshaw - He's Not There (I Love Acid)
Phantom Planet Outlaws - Muscles from Outer Space EP (Boss Tracks)
Mark Forshaw - Further (Midnight Shift)
Tapirus - I Feel You : Mark Forshaw Remix (Midnight Shift)
Mark Forshaw - Submission (Contort Yourself)
Casio Royale - DABJ Allstars Vol.3 (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
Casio Royale - In Basements Volumes 1 and 2 (Dixon Avenue Basement Jams)
Mark Forshaw - The Fuck (Berceuse Heroique)
Mark Forshaw - Peer Pressure EP (Scenery)
Mark Forshaw - Explorer EP (Computer Controlled)
Mark Forshaw - Sequester EP (III Rivers)
Mark Forshaw - Tools Of The Unexpected EP (Mathematics)
Mark Forshaw - 'Trouble with My Sines' track on V/A 'Connect Four' EP (Lopasura)
Phantom Planet Outlaws vs TR One - The Muscle The Beets (Apartment Records)
Mark Forshaw - Atavism EP (Tabernacle)
Phantom Planet Outlaws - Muscle Patrol EP (Tabernacle)
Mark Forshaw - 360 Vision EP (Council House)
Mark Forshaw - Designer (Council House)
Mark Forshaw - Revolution (Turning Point)


I have been involved in the Liverpool music scene since the late 90s; primarily as a DJ at n...

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III Rivers, Scenery, Berceuse Heroique, Mathematics, Computer Controlled, Apartment, Contort Yourself, LOPASURA, Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Midnight Shift, I Love Acid, Tabernacle