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Stu Bradley (DJ)Name: Stu Bradley
Music Style: House, Breaks, Electronica
Outlar-Listed Events: 52
Outlar Cross-references: Surgeon, Steve Parry, Hybrid, Matthew Dear, Ben Sims, Magda, King Unique, Paul Oakenfold, 808 State, Krysko, John Graham, Troy Pierce, Sander Kleinenberg, Nic Fanciulli, Chris Finke, Danny Woods, Aztec, The Magnet, Creamfields, The Dragon Bar, Nation, Zanzibar, Carling Academy, The Lemon Lounge

Stu Bradley Intro:
Stu has been involved in music most of his life. He started off playing the piano from the age of 11 and then taking music & the arts more seriously as he grew older, he went on to complete a Btec in Performing Arts at Greenbank College, Liverpool. After that he studied for two years of a BA (hons) degree as an Actor/Musician at Rose Bruford Theatre School, London. But he soon realised that his heart belonged solely to music and moved back to Liverpool to pursue his dream. .

He started off back in 2000 when he co-promoted and was one of the resident DJ's at Sour, a popular underground night held in the Basement of MelloMello. Since then he has continued to play at numerous venues around the city including the Cavern; Le Bateaux's; the Zanzibar, Heebies Jeebies; The Lemon Lounge; The Magnet; The Dragon Bar, the Warehouse; the Carling Academy and Nation

He has held a couple of residencies in the city including Strategy at The Zanzibar, where he played regularly for 18 months; between May 2002 and Nov 2003. He became resident for Aztec in Liverpool in September 2004 when he played his first gig at The Lemon Lounge. Since then he has played for Aztec at various venues throughout the city. He also made his debut at Sankey's in Manchester in 2006 when Aztec hosted the Soap Bar for the Easter weekend. Then went back a few months later to warm up for Sander Kleinenberg as Aztec hosted the main room for Tribal Sessions. After three great years of playing for Aztec, Stu decided he needed to move on and felt he needed to focus on a new challenge

In June 2003, he won the Mixmag Competition to play at Glastonbury in the UK. He played there twice on the Energy24 stage over the three-day festival alongside Mixmag's future hero's Louis Edwards & Nic Fanciulli. All this time he continued to persist and entered every competition he came across and in August 2004 he won the Aftershock competition to play at Creamfields in Liverpool.

Also that year, he played at the Earthdance UK festival as well as securing guest appearances at the House of Progress @ Café Sol Nightclub in Amsterdam. In September, he went over to play at the Burning Man festival in the heart of Black Rock Desert, Nevada USA. He played there twice over the five-day festival; a house/techno set at the Opulent Temple and also a breaks set as well.

In September 2007, he was asked by Paul Oakenfold to warm up for him on a couple of his dates for the Perfecto UK tour. He played the Carling Academy, Liverpool and also Gatecrasher @ Media, Nottingham.

Since he started DJ'ing, he has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience from warming up and playing alongside many DJ's and artists including; John Graham, Circulation, Steve Parry, Oliver Klein, Ben Sims, Chris Finke, Parks & Wilson, Magda, Sander Kleinenberg, Krysko, Surgeon, Troy Pierce, Matthew Dear, King Unique, Nic Fanciulli, 808 State, Hybrid and Paul Oakenfold.

Stu was one of the founder members of the music website and also the resident DJ for the site. He regularly wrote club and festival reviews, as well as overseeing the music elements of the site including the guest mixes and track reviews. The website was established five years ago now and at its peak attracting over 150,000 people per month.

The last few years, he has been mainly focusing on production work and his discography to date includes the tracks; Shanghai Surprise, You get what you pay for, Percussive maintenance, Creatures of the night, Self-unemployed and the Numbers game. Also under the guise of The GBC's with Danny Woods, he has also made a track entitled Another L8 Night.

Now working for Dolphin Music in Liverpool in the sales department, focusing on piano's & keyboards, computer music, recording and DJ areas. He looks after and supplies equipment to a wide range of people from bedroom producers up to some high profile bands and DJ's.

Tracks can we found on:
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Dolphin Music Website:

Past Stu Bradley Events ( 37 Listed )

No Flyer Available Friday 23rd May 2008 (6 Years Ago) - Special Brew Boat Party @ Walk The Plank
Danny Woods (Why Not??), CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix (GimpFist/Mash Parties), Stu Bradley (Special Brew), Rob Casson (Freeze), Andy Currie (Freeze), Dash (In Stereo), General Jimmy (Plastic Soup), Jo ... Read More
Click to View Flyer Sunday 16th March 2008 (6 Years Ago) - Why Not 1st Birthday @ Djangos Riff
Kanio (Electro is Dead), plus residents: Danny Woods, Matt Childs, Stu Bradley Read More

Stu Bradley in 2007...

No Flyer Available Thursday 27th December 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not @ The Dragon Bar
Danny Woods, Matt Childs, Stu Bradley (Why Not?), CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix + CakeMix (full four piece, Must Be Bobby, matt seamless, jj da funk, chris carney), Jo Joy and Carl Dunne (Igloo), Nick T... Read More
Click to View Flyer Friday 12th October 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not Presents: The DJ Kidnapping @ The Dragon Bar
Leo Belchetz (Chibuku), Jo Joy (Igloo), Must Be Bobby (Lost Property), Kler Powell (Organic), Nick The Greek (Bommynite), Stu Bradley, Danny Woods, Matt childs Read More
Click to View Flyer Sunday 7th October 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Sunday Sludge-A-Thon @ Djangos Riff
Danny Woods, Stu Bradley, Nick The Greek, Codec, DJ Seamless, Mustbebobby and WhiteNoiseBoy

"The complete comedown cure! Avoid those walk of shame nasties on a Sunday and let us ease you back in... Read More
Click to View Flyer Wednesday 26th September 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Perfecto on Tour @ Carling Academy
Paul Oakenfold, Nat Monday & Stu Bradley Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 22nd September 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Special Brew @ Walk The Plank
CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix, Kole & jazzbo, Mark Forshaw & Ben Hughes, Neil 'Shit Hot' Scott, Cler Lever, Nick The Greek, Jo Joy, Emkai, Gary Martin, Danny Woods, Stu Bradley, Rob Casson

Special B... Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 14th September 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not @ The Dragon Bar
Matt Childs, Stu Bradley, Danny Woods

Theme: Tasheback 2007 in conjunction with the Everyman Cancer campaign. Grow a tashe and raise some cash. Read More
No Flyer Available Sunday 26th August 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Bommynite & Why Not @ The Dragon Bar
Nick The Greek, Matt Childs, Danny Woods, Stu Bradley Read More
Click to View Flyer Friday 6th July 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not Presents: A Night At The Local @ The Dragon Bar
Danny Woods, Matt Childs, Stu Bradley Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 26th May 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Gimpfist & Lost Property Pres: The Mashquerade Ball @ The Warehouse
CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix (5 deck megamix), John Heckle, Rob Casson, Stu Bradley, Alex Wasikowski, Disco Dick, Cler Lever, Scott Lewis, Matt Jones (Ritual Specialist), Budd n Thomas E. Griffin B2B, ... Read More
Click to View Flyer Friday 11th May 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not @ The Dragon Bar
Danny Woods, Matt Childs, Stu Bradley Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 5th May 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Aztec BBQ @ The Lemon Lounge
Revo, Chris Kitchen, Nick The Greek, Danny Woods, Claire Powell, Stu Bradley Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 7th April 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Aztec Easter BBQ @ The Lemon Lounge
Bill Heckle, Stu Bradley, Cler Lever, Rob Casson, Denzil, Clare Powell, Sam Baron, Plus more tba Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 23rd March 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Why Not @ The Dragon Bar
Stu Bradley, Danny Woods, Matt Childs Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 3rd February 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Aztec & Igloo @ The Lemon Lounge
Stu Bradley, Denzil, Jo Joy, Carl Dunne Read More

Stu Bradley in 2006...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 11th November 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Aztec @ Carling Academy
Magda (3 Hours), Ben Hughes, Stu Bradley, Alex Wasikowski Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 20th October 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Wrongdezvous @ Carling Academy
The Zutons - Dj Set, DJ Pierre & Roy Davis Jr (B2B 3Hrs), Matthew Dear - Live, Troy Pierce - Dj Set, Tim Sheridan, Mark Barnes (Freak), Broken Hooker - Djs, Riuven - Live, Freak Museum, Danny Wood... Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 7th October 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
General Jimmy (Plastic Soup), Paul Outlar, Stu Bradley Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 23rd September 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Ben Hughes, Stu Bradley, Denzil, Mooney Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 3rd June 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Alcatraz vs Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Binny, Sam Baron, Scott McGill, Mark Forshaw, John Heckle, Stu Bradley, Ben Hughes (New Aztec Ressie), Mike Holmes

Bill Heckle's Birthday featuring Aztec and Alcatraz residents and friends Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 26th May 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Jingo meets Stylus @ The Cello Lounge
Les Croasdaile, Scott Carey & Tom Golden, Backroom hosted by: Stu Bradley, plus resident djs Inbetween DJs & Gareth Cheshire, and more.. Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 22nd April 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Matthew Roberts (King Unique Dj Set), Dave Martin (Technique), Stu Bradley, Plus Firebaby Visuals Read More
Click to View Flyer Wednesday 8th March 2006 (8 Years Ago) - Alcatraz & Aztec @ The Cavern Club
Surgeon & Ben Sims, Bill Heckle (Alcatraz), Stu Bradley (Aztec), Visuals by Waj

This is a special one-off with two of the most revered names in UK techno. Book the Thursday off because this is n... Read More

Stu Bradley in 2005...

No Flyer Available Friday 11th November 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Alcatraz vs Aztec @ The Cavern Club
Ben Sims (Theory/Split), Bill Heckle, Stu Bradley, Mike Holmes, John Heckle & Binny B2B, Plus Visuals By Black House Read More
No Flyer Available Saturday 22nd October 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Magda (Run Stop Restore, Minus), Relik, Stu Bradley (Live), Bill Heckle (Alcatraz), Visuals by Firebaby Read More
Click to View Flyer Wednesday 8th June 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Slut @ The Magnet
Mr Sushi, Doug Kerr & Tom Sheppard, Fishtank hosted by: Stu Bradley (3-Beat), and more..

Live Music from 8am - 11pm with... Freemaker, Free Mojo, The Wombats Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 18th March 2005 (9 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Krysko (Redlight / Sankey Soap), Lee Fallon, Stu Bradley Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 14th January 2005 (10 Years Ago) - Aztec @ The Lemon Lounge
Stu Bradley (5 Hour Set!) Read More

Stu Bradley in 2004...

No Flyer Available Friday 31st December ( New Years Eve ) 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Aztec NYE Party @ The Lemon Lounge
Stu Bradley, Dash (In Stereo) Read More
Click to View Flyer Friday 5th November 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Monkey Business & Aztec @ Nation
Ben Sims (Split), Chris Finke (Split / Atomic Jam), Relik, Mark Wilson, Dash (In Stereo), Stu Bradley, Scott Gray, DJ Hi Read More
No Flyer Available Friday 29th October 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Vortex @ Hevn n Hell
Panda (resident), G-Roc (resident), Terry McClean (resident) + Special Guest DJ Stu Bradley (Aztec) Read More
Click to View Flyer Thursday 10th June 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Tsunami Nites @ Heebie Jeebies
Terser (Cookie Dough), Ste Coogan (Cookie Dough), Andy Price (Warehouse party Cream Closing 2003 Ibiza), Stu Bradley (Mixmag, Glastonbury Comp Winner), Kler Powell (Baambity)

Plus Live Bands: Pr... Read More

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