DJ Lord

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 Music Style: House, Hip Hop

DJ Lord, given his membership of cult group Public Enemy, is one of hip hop's leading lights. Growing up in Georgia, America, Lord's cousin exposed him to the thriving 80's Philly DJ scene populated by now international stars like Jazzy Jeff, Cash Money and Grandmaster Flash. Before long he caught the bug and wanted some of the action himself. He quickly learned key scratches and started incorporating them into his sets and from there his own unique style rapidly developed. Nowadays his floor filling style is a fresh blend of precision cuts, lots of bass and unexpected mixes that keep crowds all over the world on the tip of their toes. Being such an impressive talent, the world soon took note and in 1999 Lord became a part of Public Enemy, replacing Terminator X. He soon headed out with the band on their 40th anniversary tour and since joining as a permanent member, he's been an integral part of the group from production to touring. Since then he's played festivals like Coachella and Glastonbury, top clubs in USA, Asia, Australia and Europe, performed at the Grammys and won numerous battle titles including U.S. Finalist in I.T.F. and DMC. As if that wasn't enough Lord is also known for his production in the world of dubstep with bands like TrillBass and HULK, where he's left just as indelible a mark as he has on the dancefloor.