Jon Cutler

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 Music Style: House

Jon Cutler is an enduing American house legend who has been dedicated to his art since his teenage years. Back then he was forever sneaking into the local clubs in New York and before long started playing on the circuit having impressed at neighbourhood parties. Production soon followed, as did a collection of studio gear, and in 1996 he started his own label, Distant Music, which is still going strong to this day. Productions like 'Flute Pebbles' and 'You Groove Me' proved he has an effortless grasp of house music and along the way he worked with vocalists and dance legends like E-Man, Kemdi, Michael Watford, DJ Romain and Jocelyn Brown amongst many others. As well as on his own label, he has released for the likes of Chez Music, MN2S and 83 West, and his biggest cut 'It's Yours' is a true house classic that topped the DJ Mag hype chart and hit number 29 in the UK charts overall. Jon has also remixed stars like Kerri Chandler, Kim English, Bob Sinclair and more, as well as putting out key dance compilations in labels like Kinky Sweet, Soulstar and MN2S. Of course, Jon is also an acclaimed and talented DJ who is no stranger to and touring all over the world from South Korea to Kuala Lampur, Belgium to London, France to Mauritius. He has now be injecting house music with his own lush flavours for more than 20 years and is in no hurry to stop any time soon.