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Mark Moore (DJ, Producer)Name: Mark Moore
Music Style: Electro-Disco, House
Outlar-Listed Events: 6
Outlar Cross-references: Thomas Melchior, Revo, Sonique

Mark Moore Intro:
Mark Moore achieved fame as the driving force behind the dance/sampling pioneers S-EXPRESS with the number one hit 'The Theme from S-Express'. Today his notoriety has been reinforced not only by S-Express and his subsequent string of hit records and remixes, but by being one of clubland's most unique and eclectic DJs. He is one of the first to have embraced the aspects of stardom and success attributed to the DJ culture.

Complete with his trademark, a customised red telephone/headphone, Mark can be seen at some of the UK's finest clubs. He has an original playing style and is described as an adventurous DJ who will carefully construct a set of interesting, original but lively records which guarantee an ecstatic response from any dancefloor. A DJ who will avoid an endless stream of cheesy anthems but is happy to play a pop record if he loves it. He is without question one of the godfathers of new dance music and club culture.

Past Mark Moore Events ( 6 Listed )

Click to View Flyer Friday 2nd November 2007 (7 Years Ago) - Evol @ Korova
Bille Ray Martin - Live, The Pinker Tones - Live (ESP), Plus DJs: Mark Moore, Billie Ray Martin, Revo, Enable Mr Porn, James Rand Read More

Mark Moore in 2004...

No Flyer Available Friday 18th June 2004 (10 Years Ago) - Evol @ Heebie Jeebies
Mark Moore (S'Express), Pop Levi, The Emergencies (Invicta Hi Fi) - live Read More

Mark Moore in 1998...

Mark Moore in 1997...

No Flyer Available Saturday 2nd August 1997 (17 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Paul Oakenfold, Mark Moore, Sister Bliss, Dave Ralph, James Barton & Slacker (Live) Read More

Mark Moore in 1996...

No Flyer Available Saturday 17th August 1996 (18 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Mark Moore, Dave Clarke, Allistair Whitehead, Norman Jay, Residents: Paul Bleasedale, James Barton, Andy Carroll, Les Ryder Read More
Click to View Flyer Saturday 23rd March 1996 (19 Years Ago) - Cream @ Nation
Mark Moore, Andrew Weatherall, Up Yer Ronson feat. Mary Pierce - Live PA, Paul Bleasdale, James Barton, Andy Carroll Read More

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