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Domu (DJ, Producer)Name: Domu (aka Dominic Stanton)
Music Style: Hip-Hop, Broken Beat, Soul
Outlar-Listed Events: 4
Outlar Cross-references: King Britt, Jazzanova, The Revenge, Mr Shifter, Kelvin Brown, Chris Barker, Maddslinky, Will Jazz, Jesse Rose, Música del Alma, 6th Borough Project

Domu Intro:
Having been DJ'ing for around 11 years from the age of 14, Dominic Stanton's musical journey began with UK Hip-Hop, which led to lessons in Jungle, Detroit, Brazilian, Jazz, Funk, Soul…the list go ones…with a basic premise of anything that is soulful is in the bag. As a producer, Sonar Circle was the first moniker used in the realm of Drum and Bass on the Reinforced label around 1996. Domu was created from the ashes of the experimentation that can be heard on "Radius",the first L.P from Sonar Circle, which could now fuse all these elements far more easily than was possible within the restrictions of the Drum and Bass mainframe. The first Domu 12" was released on 2000 Black in the summer of 99, with the first Domu LP "Up and Down" released on Archive in September '01. Since then highlights have come in the form of the Rima L.P on JCR (with Volcov) and remixes of Cinematic Orhestra, Michelle Lawson, 4hero, King Britt and Jazzanova.

Past Domu Events ( 4 Listed )

Click to View Flyer Saturday 7th March 2009 (5 Years Ago) - Iru.Ba @ The Magnet
Halo (City Deep, H-Foundation, Twilo), Emkai (Soul Heaven, Release, True), Kole (Souljackin, True), Plus Room 2: Domu (Co-op, Treble O, BBC 1 Xtra), Phil Charnock (Chibuku, Sick Trumpet, Common... Read More

Domu in 2008...

Click to View Flyer Friday 14th November 2008 (5 Years Ago) - Bommynite & Foeism @ Djangos Riff
Domu, F.o.E., Nick The Greek, plus guests Read More

Domu in 2007...

Click to View Flyer Saturday 10th November 2007 (6 Years Ago) - Gold In The Shade @ The Magnet
Domu, Printscreen - Live, Hannah Rei Read More

Domu in 2006...

Click to View Flyer Friday 24th November 2006 (7 Years Ago) - Common Ground @ The Magnet
Alice Russell & TM Juke (Tru Thoughts), Domu, Jigsawmusic (Birmingham), Plus Residents on Rotation: Phat Phil Cooper, Phil Charnock, Ste Hodge, Kwinzola Read More

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