Andy Stott

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 Music Style: Techno, Dubstep

Andy Stott is a Manchester-based producer of dub and techno music who has released five albums with the Modern Love label. His debut album was Merciless in 2006, and was followed by Unknown Exception (2008) and Luxury Problems in 2012. In November 2014, Stott released "Faith in Strangers" and also incorporated vocals from his former piano teacher, Alison Skidmore. Stott has undertaken several productions under the moniker Andrea and these works were released on Daphne, a sublabel of Modern Love. Most of this work is in association with MLZ / Pendle Coven's Miles Whittaker who used the moniker Millie in the recordings and were released as Millie & Andrea. In 2012, Stott collaborated with the Brooklyn duo The Hundred in the Hands remixing Keep It Low from their 2012 album, Red Night.
Stott's album Luxury Problems received top album awards on both Resident Advisor and Pitchfork Media in 2012.
In March 2014, Stott and label-mate Miles Whittaker released Drop the Vowels, under the Millie and Andrea moniker.

Record Labels

Modern Love, Semantica