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 Music Style: House, Electro, Techno

Ata started in the late 80's as a DJ in Frankfurt/Main in the rising German - and specially Frankfurt-based - house and techno-scene and played in actually every good club in the town and around. At the same time he worked together with [a=Heiko Schäfer] aka [a=M/S/O] at the Boy Recordstore in Frankfurt. After quitting their jobs there, in 1992 both founded the German recordstore for electronic music in the mid-90´s, the "[l=Delirium]" record store. The shop was also the office for their three labels. In September 1993, Ata started [l=Ongaku Musik], [l=Klang Elektronik] and [l=Playhouse] together with Heiko. With the development of the Playhouse label in particular, he influenced the German and worldwide electronic music. - and does it still. Together with Heiko Schäfer and [a=Jörg Henze], he was also DJing through the German club scene as the [a=Delirium Posse] (the guys from the [l=Delirium] record store) or Heiko & Ata, Ata & Jörg (or Heiko & Jörg).
Beside his DJ-activities he founded the first 'real' clubnight in Frankfurt for modern house and deep-house - the Wild Pitch Club at the Nachtleben-Club. After years of extasy and parties he closed the concept and opened, one year later in 1999, the Robert-Johnson in the neighbourhood of Frankfurt, in Offenbach. Through the DJ´s he booked, his own DJ-sets and the club itself he turned the Robert-Johnson into one of the more important clubs for electronic music in the region.

Record Labels

Ongaku Musik, Klang Elektronik, Live At Robert Johnson, Playhouse