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Luciano (DJ, Producer)Name: Luciano
Music Style: Techno, House, Minimal
Website: http://lucien-n-luciano.com
MySpace: myspace.com/luciennluciano
Outlar-Listed Events: 5
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Luciano Intro:
Born in 1978, Luciano is a DJ since 1993 and a producer since 1997. In the mid-90's, he was promoting Sense Club and Encuentros con la Technocultura in Santiago de Chile in the company of many initiators of the Latin American electronic music scene: Senor Coconut AKA Atom Heart, Ricardo Villalobos, Dandy Jack & brother Adrian Schopf, Washington Miranda, Argenix Brito, Microman etc.

He's played radio stations and DJed clubs & events in Santiago and Latin America, Germany, Spain & Holland, settling in Switzerland in 2000 to release on Mental Groove Records in Geneva, where he also holds a residency at the Weetamix club. His releases appear on the Transmat, Perlon, Lo-Fi Stereo, Bruchstuecke and Klang Elektronik record labels.

Luciano's mixed Swiss & Chilean identity shows in his music, a somewhat mystical blend of deep techno & electro that integrates southern elements in rhythms and colorful patterns in sound. His collaborations with Ricardo Villalobos (Playhouse, Perlon, Warp, Force Inc etc.) as Sense Club are especially rewarding, as is his partnership with Pier Bucci and Argenix Brito as Monne Automne.

Mellowing his style as times goes by, getting more experimental and spacey with a fresh style of his own, Luciano's production is destined to the wiser dancefloors that have enjoyed his live sets in Peru, Chile, Argentina, the U.S., Spain, Germany & Switzerland. DJ-wise, Luciano's trade relies on groovy & minimal.

Past Luciano Events ( 1 Listed )

No Flyer Available Saturday 19th March 2011 (3 Years Ago) - Circus @ The Masque
Luciano v Carl Craig (4 hour set), Yousef, Dennis Ferrer, Heidi, Lewis Boardman v Alex Wolfenden (5hr set) Read More

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