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Music Style: House, Disco

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DJ Nature/Natureboy Began releasing music on his own "Ruff Disco"
records back in 1990 in NYC. Due to his job as record buyer for a
Japanese store at that time he became acquainted with most of the New
York based record labels that were popular then, such as Nu Groove,
Easy Street, E-legal , Emotive etc etc . Having linked up with Ray
Barney of Barney's distribution of Chicago around the same time, he
was fortunate to have access to a lot of the best of the birthplace of house music coming out at that time . Most of the networking at that time was done in clubs and record stores of that era such as vinylmania,
downtown records, dance tracks, and clubs such as Better Days ,Choice,
Sound Factory,shelter, Save the robots, Red Zone,Zanzibar etc. to hear
legendary DJ's Larry Levan, Louie Vega, or Tony Humphries etc. After
setting up his own label (Ruff Disco records ) his tracks were
licensed to Black Label NYC (a subsidiary of E-legal records) and
Tomato Records U.K with the Ruff Disco E.P Vol 1 and Necessary
Ruffness Vol 1 & 2. Around 1993 Natureboy stopped production on the
project and re-started again in 2010 through Phil South's "Golf
Channel recordings" (NYC) and Jazzy Sport (Japan) under the name
Dj.Nature . Using the remnants of unreleased material from 1993 he
sent the tracks to the labels and followed those with various other
HIs major inspiration comes from people such as Patrick Adams, the Chic Organisation, Hamilton Bohannon,Ashford and Simpson,Wilbert Longmire, The Crusaders, The Young Senators, Crown Heights Affair and the Fatback band to name a few who had a big impact as his first musical encounters in a club atmosphere. Later the production of the legends such as Armando. Larry Heard,Joe R Lewis, Farle...

Record Labels

Golf Channel, Burek, Bosconi Extra Virgin, City Fly, Saft