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 Music Style: House, Techno, Old Skool

For Rune Reilly Kölsch, Kompakt has become a great label to call home. In 2013 the German imprint celebrated 20 years of record releases at the cutting edge of electronic music, championed in June by one of the most genre re-defining albums and personal music projects for an era: Kölsch's landmark long player, '1977'.

A melodic autobiography on black wax, the Kölsch project has seen 36/37-year-old Rune take stock of a diverse and successful production career and draw upon his own personal beginnings: a nostalgia for childhood, family, friends and the confusion of applying his split-cultural heritage to what it means to think of 'home'. As Rune freely admits, "being half Irish, half German and living in Denmark -- it was all one big messy period of my life."

Born to hippie parents in the freetown of Christiania (a commune-like autonomous borough of the Danish capital Copenhagen) his childhood was spent surrounded by creativity. His mother was an artist whose family had roots in German politics and his father a singer songwriter who travelled through Asia playing music in the early 70's. Kölsch, however, did miss out on building friendships and found solace in making up "this imaginary world that I would spend days in," before the family moved to Germany -- a period of memories, relations and characters from which '1977' derives its titles.

For Rune, the tracks he began building from 2010 took in this personal reflection, his being "completely locked in to reminiscing about what shaped me as a kid and into the individual that I am now" -- contemplating his unique past to form the brickwork of '1977', one of the most future-facing techno albums of recent years.

Influenced by hip hop, pop and the incredible legacy of Jeff Mills and Derrick May, Rune started producing in 1995, embarking on a string of success stories. In 2003 he released the multi-million selling, saxophone-infused '...

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FM X, Green, Kompakt