Friday 22nd September (9 Weeks Ago, Manchester)

High Hoops presents 20 Years of Rush Hour Records

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Perlon, Retreat, Church, Feel Music, Voyage Direct, Drumpoet Community, Adult Only, Internasjonal, Serialism, Rush Hour Music

DownTex Mill 16-18 Mary Street Manchester , Manchester, M3 1DZ
10pm - 4am » no tickets
Disco, House, Techno


Hunee, San Proper, Cinnaman

High Hoops x Rush Hour Records

San Proper
Volcov - Neroli
High Hoops + more.

We've once again invited Rush Hour Records to join us in Manchester, this time celebrating their world wide 20th anniversary tour.

Headlining this event we invite one of the most versatile DJ’s and producers hitting our dance floors, the one and only Hunee. We also have the pleasure of San Proper, Cinnaman Volcov & Margie taking over one of Manchester hottest warehouse spaces - Hidden.