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 Label: LesIzmo:r
Location: Belgium
Music Styles: Techno, House, Chicago house, Electro, Disco, Cosmic

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Tom Trago, Paco Osuna, San Proper, Ferro, Mathias Kaden, William Djoko, Eddie Fowlkes, Andrey Pushkarev, Jay Haze, dOP, Robag Wruhme, DeWalta, Cesar Merveille, Maayan Nidam, Bruno Pronsato, Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts

Lessizmore was created by Fuse resident DJ Pierre and Jessica Bossuyt in October 2005. It all started as an event at the legendary Parisian venue Le Triptyque.
After the sad demise of Le Triptyque, they focused all their attention on Lessizmore and built the brand to not only represent quality techno parties across Europe but also as a booking and promotion agency, a label and a net label.

When it comes to events, Lessizmore has become known for musical integrity, innovative advertising and creating unforgettable parties for both the artists and the crowd.
For example, Lessizmore was the first to bring artists such as Samim, Guillaume&The Coutu-dumonts, Mathias Kaden, Wighnomy Brothers, Dandy Jack, Masomenos, Art Department, Deniz Kurtel, dOP, Nôze… out to Brussels or Berlin or Paris, showing not only an intuitive knowledge of what constitutes a good party, but displaying a gutsy dedication to pushing new music.
Lessizmore has been putting on parties at the top clubs such as Fuse in Brussels, Arena Club in Berlin, Arma17 in Moscow, Rex Club, Nouveau Casino, 1515 and Social Club in Paris for over five years with invites extended to the rosters of Crosstown Rebels, VisionQuest, M-nus, Hello?Repeat, Vakant, Alphahouse, Mobilee, Cynosure, Perlon, Circus Company and so on.

Past events

Lessizmore has so far promoted the following international artists: Pheek, Magda, Sety, Pierre, Metope, Peter Grummich, Juannes, Ja...